rankster logo still

3D Animated Logo from a 2D still.

I’ve been dabbling with 3D animation a little lately; I need to raise my skills to a “hole nuther level” in this ever changing creative world.

So, I have a friend who has this company called Rankster.  I wanted to attempt to create a animated 3D logo from a still image of his company logo seen below.

rankster arrow

Using some artistic license I changed a few things like the coloring, but keep the main core elements such as the arrow and the Rankster font the same. I mean; you can’t really alter someones established company logo, for instance

Mcdonalds arch

imagine If the McDonalds famous golden arched “M” suddenly changed to a different font.

Fake Mcdonalds logo

it’d look weird. Anyway I’m sure you get the point.

Below is the end result.


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